Your electricity can do more
From hydrogen to e-mobility

In addition to generating electricity, wind and solar farms also offer the opportunity to build charging infrastructure for electric cars, to extract hydrogen, construct hydrogen refuelling stations, and to implement district heating.

This visible, circular economy creates identification with the community, strengthens the region through added value in the local economy, and promotes environmental and climate protection.

Wind and solar power

The power plants form the basis. The electricity that you generate from renewable sources like the wind and sun can be fed into the grid, marketed directly to buyers or used to produce green hydrogen.

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Green hydrogen

The demand for green hydrogen will increase significantly because it is the connecting element of the energy transition: Hydrogen is seeing increasing use everywhere – whether it is in the industry, as a fuel or for heating purposes.

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The electric car market is growing rapidly and so is the demand for renewable electricity for mobility. GP JOULE combines power generated from renewable energy sources with sustainable energy use in a broad variety of e-mobility applications. We consult, build charging infrastructure and even develop entire regional car-sharing systems.

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