Good for you, good for Ireland

Become part of the journey to climate neutrality

Earn stable lease income

Solar and wind power have long since become an important economic pillar for farmers and other landowners. With their high efficiency, solar farms and wind turbines offer stable lease income – even on land that would otherwise generate low returns.

Ireland and the rest of Europe have a common goal: climate neutrality. This is why the transformation of the energy system is being promoted. Capitalise on this opportunity and harvest the power of the sun and wind!

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Ensure a liveable future

Solar and wind power are the central building blocks in the transformation of our energy supply – in Ireland and throughout Europe. Energy from renewable sources will reduce carbon emissions, meet climate targets and ensure a liveable future for generations to come.

In addition, wind and solar farms are already creating added value in local economies. Together with landowners and all its partners, GP JOULE drives the change that so many people in Ireland are hoping for. We want to pursue a path to net zero that involves as many people as possible. Let’s act together!

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