GP JOULE partnerships allow you to harvest wind and solar energy from rural land in ways that regenerate, reconnect, and reinvigorate the communities around you. 

Unleash the potential energy near you.


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About Us

GP JOULE is an integrated energy supplier that covers the entire energy value chain, from generation to use – and from consulting and financing through to project planning, construction and service. GP JOULE produces and sells wind and solar power, green hydrogen and heat and makes use of it where it is most effective: in electric and hydrogen-based mobility, in households and in industry. From its base in Germany, GP JOULE has been shaping the future of energy in Europe since 2009. For a secure, independent and sustainable supply of energy. For 100% renewable energy for everyone.




This is the team behind GP JOULE Ireland.
Our team is dedicated to driving sustainable energy solutions and pioneering innovations in the renewable energy sector.




Managing Director

Ciaran has held the role of managing director since the incorporation of GP JOULE Ireland in 2022. He joined the group from Energia where he was corporate development manager for onshore wind projects. He has over 22 years’ experience in the energy industry with over 17 years solely focused on renewable energy. He is an engineer by profession with a masters in Engineering Management from UCD.




Head of Development

Hugh has been Head of Development since joining the group in Q1 2024. He comes across from Bord na Móna, where he was Project Director for the 750MW Derrygreenagh Power project. With over 20 years of experience in large infrastructural projects and more than 10 years focused on renewable and thermal energy, Hugh brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the team. He is a Chartered Engineer with diplomas in Project Management and Portfolio Management.




Land Acquisition Manager

Paul joined GP JOULE in 2022 as Land Acquisition Manager for Ireland. He has worked in the energy sector since 2011 in various roles, including Land Acquisition and Project Management in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Prior to this Paul worked in the agricultural sector where he was involved in sales and branch management. Paul has a qualification in agriculture and credit union studies. He is currently studying Chemistry focusing on renewable energy hydrogen and biogas.




Planning & Environmental Manager

Niamh has been the Planning and Environmental Manager at GP JOULE Ireland since 2022. She's a dedicated and enthusiastic Planner with a degree in Planning and Development from Queen's University Belfast. Niamh is a member of the Irish Planning Institute (IPI) and holds licentiate membership in the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). She is well-versed in renewable planning and has contributed to numerous renewable energy projects across Ireland.




Office Manager 

Erica joined GP JOULE Ireland as Office Manager in early 2024. She has over 20 years of experience in the retail and wellness industry. A Dunboyne local, her enthusiasm and organisational skills ensures the office, and its people are maintained to the highest standards.




Planning & Environmental Coordinator

Jonathan joined the planning and development team in 2023. A native of Bavaria in Germany, Jonathan initially worked in the agricultural sector in Ireland before joining GP JOULE. He is a keen cyclist with a love of the outdoors.




Land Acquisition Manager

Killian is a Land Acquisition Manager at GP JOULE. He joined the company with six years’ experience in land and property rights acquisition. Before that, he worked in mortgage arrears resolution and personal insolvency, and in the construction industry for over ten years. He is a law graduate with a post graduate qualification in Planning & Environmental Law from the King’s Inns, he has extensive stakeholder management and contract negotiation experience, and he has a good knowledge of and keen interest in energy storage technologies.




Head of Wellness

Dave joined GP JOULE as head of Wellness in late 2023. In addition to excelling at improving the wellness of all staff he soon took on the additional role as head of mischief. He has gained valuable experience in hole digging, face licking and unusual sleeping positions in his time in the organisation.

Your land. your opportunities.

Solar and wind farms offer landowners long-term, stable and attractive lease income. The power plants generate energy locally and help protect the climate and environment. GP JOULE has been developing, constructing and operating wind and solar farms for more than 13 years. We are the right long-term partner for you.  The roots of GP JOULE lie in agriculture. Coming from this background, we take responsibility for the land we lease, for the landowner‘s income, for nature and for future generations. Use your land to generate profit sustainably. Join Ireland’s journey to climate neutrality!

Our Vision

100% renewable for all

Good for you, good for Ireland

Earn stable lease income and become part of the journey to climate neutrality

Solar and wind power have long since become an important economic pillar for farmers and other landowners. With their high efficiency, solar farms and wind turbines offer stable lease income – even on land that would otherwise generate low returns.

Ireland and the rest of Europe have a common goal: climate neutrality. This is why the transformation of the energy system is being promoted. Capitalise on this opportunity and harvest the power of the sun and wind!

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85 %
of the Irish population are worried about climate change**
90 %
say the country has a responsibility to act on climate change**
95 %
of the Irish support spending carbon tax revenues on the further development of new clean energy sources**

Ensure a liveable future

Solar and wind power are the central building blocks in the transformation of our energy supply – in Ireland and throughout Europe. Energy from renewable sources will reduce carbon emissions, meet climate targets and ensure a liveable future for generations to come.

In addition, wind and solar farms are already creating added value in local economies. Together with landowners and all its partners, GP JOULE drives the change that so many people in Ireland are hoping for. We want to pursue a path to net zero that involves as many people as possible. Let’s act together!

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How it works

Understanding the process

At GP JOULE, we’re experienced enough to know that excellence is in the detail, that’s why we take all aspects of your prospective energy project into account when weighing up the impact on your community. Whether it’s technical, climatic, or political, we want our footprint to be minimal. 


We treat our long-term partners as hosts to our expertise and, as with every new venture, we enter each relationship with sustainable intentions. Our goal, as an organisation, is to enable Ireland to regenerate its rural areas, creating an energy legacy that every community can be proud of.


This is how we do it.


100% by your side


GP JOULE started by providing solar power to our founders’ farms back in 2009, but we soon realised there was potential to connect the whole community by generating locally sourced energy. We now specialise in the installation of wind and solar systems and deliver the infrastructural support to make green energy go further.


We’re a German company, with roots in agriculture, and found that our vision and model fit perfectly within the rural landscape of Ireland. You can’t help but be drawn to the natural energy here and how better to grow our vision to supply industry, transport, and society with 100% renewable energy, than by releasing the natural energy in Ireland’s rural communities.


What results, is a visible, circular economy that will strengthen the towns, counties and provinces of Ireland in a sustainable way. We look forward to working with you and seeing this green opportunity come to fruition.

Your electricity can do more
From hydrogen to e-mobility

In addition to generating electricity, wind and solar farms also offer the opportunity to build charging infrastructure for electric cars, to extract hydrogen, construct hydrogen refuelling stations, and to implement district heating. This visible, circular economy creates identification with the community, strengthens the region through added value in the local economy, and promotes environmental and climate protection.

Wind and solar power

The power plants form the basis. The electricity that you generate from renewable sources like the wind and sun can be fed into the grid, marketed directly to buyers or used to produce green hydrogen.

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Green hydrogen

The demand for green hydrogen will increase significantly because it is the connecting element of the energy transition: Hydrogen is seeing increasing use everywhere – whether it is in the industry, as a fuel or for heating purposes.

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The electric car market is growing rapidly and so is the demand for renewable electricity for mobility. GP JOULE combines power generated from renewable energy sources with sustainable energy use in a broad variety of e-mobility applications. We consult, build charging infrastructure and even develop entire regional car-sharing systems.

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Green energy from wind farms to hydrogen filling stations

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GP JOULE is member of the ISEA