How it works: Step by step
Understanding the process

Selection of location and site analysis

  • We understand your concerns as a landowner.

  • Thus we assess and evaluate potential locations: What are the overall climatic, technical and political conditions like?

Planning and approval

  • Configuration of the site layout and development of the overall concept for the wind or solar farm.
  • We plan the project in close coordination with regional stakeholders and take care of the necessary approvals.
  • We present and discuss our plans within the community.
  • We review the options for connecting to the power grid.

Financing & funding

  • We draw up a viable financing plan for the project.
  • We work together with financial institutions to create an optimal concept.
  • The end-result is a secure, longterm financing plan.

Project planning & construction

  • We research and purchase the most appropriate systems for your land.
  • We secure the connection to the power grid.
  • We plan the transmission lines.
  • We take care of the tendering process for construction work.
  • And we handle the entire contract management process.

Connecting to the power grid

  • Our technical project management team supervises and monitors installation work.
  • They are also involved in planning transmission lines and ensuring proper connection to the power grid.
  • We deal with everything on site to ensure smooth construction and connection of your project.

Service and operations management

  • Our service team ensure the system runs smoothly 24/7.
  • This is how we secure the highest returns and guarantee stable, high lease income.